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Water Pump-New 1992-1996
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Water Pump-New 1992-1996

This pump is made either by Geba in Germany or Saleri in Italy, depending upon which unit we have in stock.  Both are of very good quality.
Fits AAF engines from VIN 70 N 014001 (from mid 1992 model year and later) also fits
all ACU engines all the way to the end of 1996. Seal ring is included.

This pump is the newer, updated unit with a 20 tooth sprocket on it which was done at the request of VW engineers.  The impeller design was also modified at the same time to allow for the different rotational speed.
Part Number:  074 121 005N
Dealer List  $152.02
Europarts Price:
Savings:$72.31 (48%)
Detailed Description
Eurovan 1992-1996

Not for AAB Diesel engine.  Does fit later model turbodiesel engines, which were not sold in North America.

VW of America sells this pump rebuilt for $ 102.02, plus a $ 50 core deposit

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