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A/C Warranty Info
Turbo Warranty Info
Air Conditioning Warranty Information
All A/C installations must be performed by a trained auto air conditioning professional. 

The major cause of nearly all A/C compressor failures is due to improper installation procedures. Proper flushing equipment, gauges, and materials are necessary to insure that the system is cleaned and vacuumed prior to installation of any new A/C components.  Failure to do so will leave small metal fragments in the system that will be drawn into the new compressor and cause system failure. Consequently, the installation of A/C components should be attempted by certified and licensed professionals. Please retain a copy of your repair order as it is required to process any warranty claim.

Failure to follow the following steps during installation of the new compressor will void the warranty: 

    1. System must be cleaned and flushed with an approved flushing method (Duraflush and R141b are approved). An in line filter is suggested.
    2. The receiver drier must be replaced.
    3. The expansion valve(s) orifice must be inspected for blockage and cleaned, if necessary. Replacement of the expansion valve(s) is suggested.
    4. Cooling fins of the radiator and the condenser must be checked for proper air flow.
    5. Electric cooling fan(s) and fan clutch, if equipped, must be checked for proper operation.
    6. Check compressor clutch air gap prior to installation.
    7. Add correct type and amount of refrigerant oil to the system.
    8. After hose assemblies are reinstalled, rotate compressor shaft (not the clutch pulley) a minimum of 10 times to clear oil from the compressor.
    9. Check compressor clutch circuit for proper voltage.
    10. Use only the appropriate refrigerant, R12 or R134a as required.
    11. Evacuate the entire system for a minimum of 45 minutes, if the temperature is above 80 degrees F or for 60 minutes if the temperature is below 80 degrees F.  Dual A/C systems must all be evacuated for a minimum of 60 minutes.

Warranty Claim requests are decided by the Compressor Manufacturer and must be well documented. Claims must include the following items: 

    1. A copy of the original repair work order, outlining the installation and system flush procedure.
    2. A copy of all sales invoices for the original compressor, receiver drier and expansion valve and any other parts or hoses replaced.
    3. A copy of the second repair work order outlining the same information as specified above in item # 1.
    4. A copy of the invoices for the second compressor, receiver drier and expansion valve and any other parts or hoses replaced. 
Upon receipt of the above requirements, Europarts will send the parts and provided information to the supplier for determination. Authorized refunds are usually processed within 2-4 weeks. However, the warranty process could take longer in some cases.