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2002-2003 Sprinter Serpentine Belt Kit

Our Kit includes all OEM parts:

1 x Belt Tensioner Assembly (Litens)
1 x Belt (ContiTech)
2 x Belt Idler Pulley - Grooved (INA)

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Part Number:  612 298 02 70
Europarts Price:
Detailed Description

Sprinter 2002-2003 ONLY

The serpentine belt is about a 1/2 inch longer on 2002-2003 engines compared to 2004-2006.

All original equipment replacement parts, Conti-Tech belt, Litens tensioner and INA pulleys. All parts are the exact same units sold by a Sprinter franchise dealer.

Please note that there are two options when installing a belt with this unit. You can use either a 12 point 17 mm box wrench/socket or a T-60 Torx head when installing the serpentine belt.

If you have had premature failures of this tensioner or the serpentine belt has broken or been thrown, you most likely have a failed alternator pulley.  The alternator pulley is a declutching pulley and has a one-way clutch mechanism to minimize belt flutter.  Belt flutter places stress on the entire belt drive system and the tensioner acts as a spring-loaded shock absorber.  If the declutching pulley has seized, it will greatly shorten the life of the belt tensioner and often causes the pulley to break off or a fracture of the pulley arm.  Replace the alternator pulley or the alternator to solve this problem.

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