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A/C Compressor-Secondary w/Roof A/C 2002-2006
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A/C Compressor-Secondary w/ Roof A/C 2002-2006

Includes clutch assembly

Photo of this product is not correct, as the clutch on this compressor has a v-belt, rather than a serpentine belt.
Dealer List  $1,776.50
Europarts Price:
Savings:$614.00 (35%)
Detailed Description
Sprinter 2002-2006

Only for models without Auto Temp Control
Receiver Drier must be replaced at the same time as the compressor.
This is the compressor for the front A/C. If your Sprinter has two A/C compressors, for those models with roof air.  This is the upper compressor for the rear A/C

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