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1995-2003 Eurovan Automatic Transmission Service Kit_OEM
1995-2005 Eurovan Automatic Transmission Service Kit-OEM Fluid
Rating: 0
For 01P Transmission
From early 1995 thru 2003 (Rialta thru 2005)
Sold as a complete kit with OEM synthetic blend fluid



1997-2003 Engine & Transmission Mount Kit
1997-2005 Eurovan Engine & Transmission Mount Kit ***FREE USA SHIPPING***
Rating: 5
Contains all four engine & transmission mounts, manufactured by Vaico, Febi-Bilstein, Meyle and Corteco,  all of whom are well known German parts suppliers.

2 to 3 Day Shipping by Priority mail to any US Postal Zip Code is included in the price.

Sorry, this shipping-included item cannot be shipped by flat rate mail outside the US, due to weight limitations (There is a 9 Kg or 20 pound flat rate limit) to any destination by international mail.


Dipstick Tube O-Ring 1992-2003
Dipstick Tube O-Ring 1992-2005
Rating: 0
O-ring used at the base of all A/T fill pipes or dipstick tubes

Flywheel Bolt 1997-2003
Flywheel Bolt 1997-2003
Rating: 0
Flywheel to crankshaft
10 required

O Ring-A/T Cooler-Lower 1992-2003
Lower A/T Cooler O Ring 1992-2005
Rating: 0
2 seals required
Also two upper seals are required, see below

IOW, order two of these and two of the others below.

Transmission Mount-Pendulum 1997-2003
Pendulum Transmission Mount 1997-2005
Rating: 0
Pendulum mount, aka long mount.  Manufactured by Corteco, a well known German parts supplier.

This mount is also available as part of a complete mount kit, which includes free shipping.....see below.

Shift Knob-A/T 1992-2003***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Shift Knob-A/T 1992-2005***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
Discontinued by VW, July 2009


Shift Lock Solenoid-A/T 1992-2003
Shift Lock Solenoid-A/T 1992-2003 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0

Located on transmission selector lever mount (base of shift lever)

Only for vehicles with A/T

Torque Converter Seal 1992-2003
Torque Converter Seal 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Seal for center of torque converter for all Eurovan automatic transmissions

Transmission Cooler 1992-2003
Transmission Cooler 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Fits all Eurovans with automatic transmission, regardless of engine type
This is the standard factory cooler, which is located on top of the transmission. 
It is NOT a remote or auxiliary cooler.

4 seals (two upper & two lower) are required for this unit,  see below

Transmission Filter Kit -1995-2003
Transmission Filter Kit Mid 1995-2005 Eurovan/Rialta
Rating: 5
For 01P Transmission
From 1995 model year, thru the end of production in 2003 for Eurovan and 2005 for Rialta

Complete kit includes filter, filter seal, five spacers and the correct transmission pan gasket.

We have found that the majority of other kits out in the marketplace have the incorrect pan gasket in their kit. 
You can be certain that our kit is 100% correct for your Eurovan.

Transmission Fluid-OEM 1 Liter 1995-2003
Transmission Fluid-OEM 1 Liter 1995-2005
Rating: 0
OEM Synthetic blend
NOTICE: This fluid was developed at the request of ZF (Zahnradfabrik) for use in a range of different automatic transmissions manufactured by ZF for VW, Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Range Rover.  All of these transmissions use the same fluid formula.  It does not matter if the fluid is branded as ESSO, Febi-Bilstein or Pentosin.  As long as the label specifies LT71141, it is the correct fluid for your transmission.

1 liter container for 01P transmission


Transmission Mount Bushing 1997-2003
Transmission Mount Bushing 1997-2005
Rating: 0
Used in the open end of pendulum transmission mount shown below.  Manufactured by Meyle, a well known German parts supplier.
This part slips into place, a press is not required.

This mount is also available as part of a mount kit, which includes free shipping.....see below.

Transmission Multi-Function Switch 1997-2003
Transmission Multi-Function Switch 1997-2005
Rating: 0
7 pin oval plug
Serves as both back-up light switch and neutral safety switch

This switch can also be used to replace both of the obsolete switches 095 919 823C & 095 919 823B, which were used used prior to 1997. 
The plug on the end of the wire harness will have to be changed out to the oval design.
You must obtain the oval male housing of the plug from VW (part # 3A0 973 207A) and replace this on the end of the wire harness, making certain that all of the seven color-coded wires are in the same correct order. 
Take a cell phone photo of the wire positions before attempting to swap out the plug and wires.


Transmission Pan A/T 1995-2003
Transmission Pan A/T 1992-2005 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0

Used with both the 01P transmission from 1995-2003 and 095 transmission from 1992-1995

Transmission Speed Sensor 1995-2003
Transmission Speed Sensor 1995-2005
Rating: 0
Eurovan 1992-2003
Rialta 1996-2005


O Ring-A/T Cooler-Upper 1992-2003
Upper A/T Cooler O Ring 1992-2005
Rating: 0
2 required along with two lower seals, see below.

IOW, order two of these and two of the other seal rings.