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Transmission Cooler 1992-2003
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Transmission Cooler 1992-2005

Fits all Eurovans with automatic transmission, regardless of engine type

This is the standard factory cooler, which is located on top of the transmission. 

It is NOT a remote or auxiliary cooler.

4 seals (two upper & two lower) are required for this unit,  see below
Part Number:  096 409 061E
Dealer List  $365.00
Europarts Price:
Savings:$240.16 (66%)
Detailed Description
Eurovan 1992-2003
Rialta 1996-2005

This device is a liquid to liquid heat exchanger so, if you find engine coolant in your transmission fluid or transmission fluid in your coolant, this cooler may have an internal perforation. Requires 4 O-rings for proper installation, see below
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