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Mass Air Flow Sensor Diesel Engine 2004-2009
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Mass Air Flow Sensor 2004-2009

OM 647 2.7L 5 Cyl engine 2004-2006
OM 642 3.0L V6 engine 2007-2009
aka MAF Sensor, Air Mass Sensor, Air Mass Meter, etc.

Not for 2010 and later BlueTec engines. The 2010 and later MAF sensor can be seen below.
Dealer List  $657.00
Europarts Price:
Savings:$479.12 (73%)
Detailed Description
Sprinter 2004-2006 2.7L diesel
Sprinter II 2007-2009 3.0L diesel

This is a an original Bosch part, and is the exact same part as sold at a franchise Dodge or Freightliner dealer. 
It is
NOT the cheap Chinese knock-off that you see on eBay, which often doesn't work or fails after a few weeks.
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