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Fuel Filter-Short Version  (OEM) 2010-Mid 2012
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Diesel Fuel Filter-MAHLE KL490D SHORT VERSION 2010-2012 3.0L V6 Diesel (3-pin Moisture Sensor)

Includes filter, and 4 O-ring seals.

Filter may be Hengst or Mahle, depending upon current stock
Not for 2004-2009 models, which have a much smaller moisture sensor hole in the center.

If you are planning on removing  and replacing the original Clic style fuel hose clamps on top of the filter, you will need one 13 mm clamp and one 15mm clamp.
Dealer List  $89.00
Europarts Price:
Savings:$50.49 (57%)
Detailed Description
Sprinter II 2010-2012

This is the short version fuel filter (100 mm)
 A longer version filter is also available...see below.

This fuel filter uses the 3-pin removable moisture sensor shown below.
If you have a 2010 or later model, check your fuel filter carefully, as there was a change during the 2010 year and the newer models have a non-removable 5-pin sensor, which is only available as a complete unit with the filter.  These vehicles hace mixed installations and will require a physical inspection to determine the correcft fuel filter.  You cannot determnine this by your VIN.

This is an OEM filter made by Mahle (Knecht).

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