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Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2002 & LATER

This is a relatively common failure item, which can cause the engine to go into limp mode. 

This sensor is often oil soaked from vapors in the charged air stream. This is caused by oil leakage from the turbocharger shaft seals. 

Carrying a spare sensor is suggested, as they are inexpensive and always seem to fail in the middle of nowhere. 
Part Number:  651 153 00 28
Dealer List  $66.75
Europarts Price:
Savings:$46.78 (70%)
Detailed Description
Sprinter 2002-2006
Sprinter II 2007-2018
Sprinter III 2019-2022 3.0L V6

For 2002-2006 models, it is easy to change, plugs into plastic housing in the middle of the turbocharger output hose from intercooler to intake manifold. It is the lower sensor in the photo.  The upper sensor shown, is the MAP sensor.

For 2007 and later V6 models, you almost need a map and a compass to locate this sensor.  It is located between the passenger side turbo intercooler hose fitting and the air charge hose.  It is the lower sensor in the photo.

Also used on OM651 4Cyl diesel from 2014 and later.

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