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Charge Air Hose-Intercooler to Intake 2002-2003
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Charge Air Hose-Intercooler to Intake 2002-2003

Complete hose assembly, includes upper and lower hose sections and plastic mid-section.
Originates from the output side of the intercooler (64mm or 2 1/2 inch INSIDE DIAMETER hose connection)  OUTSIDE DIAMETER IS 2 3/4 INCHES

The intake air temp sensor & MAP sensor mount in plastic mid-section of this hose assembly
Part Number:  901 528 39 82
Dealer List  $127.00
Europarts Price:
Savings:$37.07 (29%)
Detailed Description
Sprinter 2002-2003
Only for original large size intercooler found on all 2002 and 2003 models.
If it is 64 mm (2 1/2 inches ID or 2 3/4 inches OD) order this hose. 
If it is 54 mm (2 1/8 inches) order the other version, shown below.

This is the longer of the two hoses that connect to the intercooler. The hose assembly comprised of two rubber hoses clamped to a plastic bracket which holds both the intake air temperature sensor and MAP sensor. Neither the upper, nor the lower hoses are available as separate units.  This hose is only available as a complete assembly.

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