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Distributor Cap
Distributor Cap 1992-1996
Rating: 0
OEM distributor cap manufactured by Bosch.

Distributor Drive Cam Kit 1992-1996
Distributor Drive Cam Kit 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Located on bottom of distributor, black plastic, often cracks during removal when replacing the hall effect sender

Distributor Rotor
Distributor Rotor 1992-1996
Rating: 0
OEM distributor rotor manufactured by Bosch.

Glow Plug 1992-1996
Glow Plug 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Need high temp anti seize grease? Click Here
Fits diesel engine models only
5 required
Sold in increments of 1

Hall Effect Sender 1992-1995
Hall Effect Sender 1992-Mid 1995
Rating: 0
AAF engine
1992 up to mid 1995
A common ignition system troublemaker/

For the 1995 model year, there are two different types.
Examine yours closely insure that you are ordering the correct unit.
See other version shown below.

Hall Effect Sender 1995-1996
Hall Effect Sender Mid 1995-1996
Rating: 0
ACU engine
From mid 1995-1996
A common ignition system troublemaker. Intermittent or no spark symptom.
For the 1995 model year, there two different types of hall effect senders.
See other version below.

Ignition Coil Pack 1992-1996
Ignition Coil Pack-All 5 Cyl Engines 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Faulty coil pack may result in a weak or no spark condition, a very common failure

This part is an OEM German unit and not one of the cheap Chinese knock-offs found on eBay and other such sites.


Ignition Lock Cylinder 1992-2000
Ignition Lock Cylinder 1992-2000
Rating: 0
2 keys included

Ignition Switch 1992-2003
Ignition Switch 1992-2005
Rating: 5
Resides directly behind the ignition lock cylinder.
Held in place by a single Phillips head screw.

Ignition Wire Set 1992-1996
Ignition Wire Set 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Manufactured by Bremi, the OEM supplier to VW and Audi.
Set of six wires,  includes five plug wires & SHORT VERSION COIL WIRE  (20 inches long)

Wire set with LONG COIL WIRE VERSION (1995-1996) is shown below. (31 inches long) THIS SET IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Check carefully before ordering, as electrical parts are not returnable.

Ignition Wire Set 1992-1996
Ignition Wire Set 1995-1996 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0

Manufactured by Bosch
Set of six wires,  includes five plug wires & LONG VERSION coil wire (31 inches long)

Other than the two different coil wires, these wire sets are identical.


Spark Plug-Single Electrode 1992-1996
Spark Plug-BOSCH Single Electrode 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Bosch  single electrode copper (The original W8DTC 3-electrode plugs, were discontinued by Bosch, the manufacturer, many years ago)
5 required, sold individually

Spark Plug-Triple Electrode 1992-1996***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Spark Plug-Triple Electrode 1992-1996***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0

Voltage Stabilizer-Instrument Cluster 1992-1996
Voltage Stabilizer-Instrument Cluster 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Instrument Cluster Voltage Stabilizer (Not to be confused with the voltage regulator, which is located on the back side of the alternator)

A faulty voltage stabilizer and/or the ignition switch may cause dash instrument or gauge problems