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Hall Effect Sender 1995-1996
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Hall Effect Sender Mid 1995-1996

ACU engine

From mid 1995 and ALL 1996

A common ignition system troublemaker. Intermittent or no spark symptom. This is the original Bosch part, as furnished by VW in the factory distributor.

For the 1995 model year, there two different types of hall effect senders. A physical inspection is required.

See other version below.
Part Number:  030 905 065B
Dealer List  $191.77
Europarts Price:
Savings:$92.08 (48%)
Detailed Description
Eurovan Mid 1995-1996
Located inside distributor, under the rotor.

Compare pictures of both this unit and the earlier AAF engine type shown below, to make certain that you are ordering the correct part. Simply remove your distributor cap and look inside.

Note that the pick-up coil is on the same side as the connector plug.  If you install the wrong type, your ignition spark will be 180 degrees out of sync.

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