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Sprinter Transmission Service Dipstick 2002-2014
140 589 15 21 00 5CYL & V6 Sprinter Transmission Service Dipstick
Rating: 0

Service tool for checking transmission fluid level in 5CYL & V6 Sprinter transmissions ONLY.

Includes instruction sheet

NOTE:  The dipstick is longer than the dipstick tube in most cases, as it is used on multiple models.

Alternator Wrench Tool - 12pt Alternator Pulley Removal Tool - 12 point - 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Check your alternator pulley under black plastic cap to determine if you need this 12 point tool or the Inverted Torx (six point). If you have the Torx style you need the full kit listed below in related products.

This tool is required to remove and replace the decoupling alternator pulleys MOST Sprinters, with either Bosch or Valeo alternators and Metris, as well as other vehicles.

This comes with the 12 point socket (triple square) for the bolt on the alternator. 

Alternator Wrench Tool - KIT Alternator Pulley Removal Tool KIT - 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0

This alternator decoupler pulley tool kit includes all of the tools required for removal and installation of ADP (one way and overriding/freewheeling). 

The set includes five tools to remove and replace the decoupling alternator pulleys on alternators:

- 33T Spline Pulley Socket 

- 10mm Female Hex Shaft Bit 

- 17mm Pulley Socket 

- T-50 Shaft Bit 

- 10mm Triple Square Shaft Bit


602 010 16 72 Engine Oil Dipstick 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Only for inline 5 cylinder engines, both OM612 and OM647 (2002-2006)

Oil Filter Cap Wrench-2.7, 2.1 Diesel & 3.5 Gas Engine 2002-2006
103 589 02 09 00 Oil Filter Cap Wrench - 2.7, 2.1 Diesel Engines & 3.5 Gas Engine
Rating: 4.7

Easy removal of oil filter housing cap, 3/8" socket extension drive. All steel construction, we have sold over 2000 with no issues at all.

This cap wrench has 14 flutes, as opposed to the incorrect ones with 15 flutes shown on many sites.


Fits all Sprinter engines, except the 3.0 liter V6 turbodiesel, 2007 & Later

Fits all of these engines:
OM612 2.7L 5 cylinder 2002-2003
OM647 2.7L 5 cylinder 2004-2006
OM651 2.1L 4 cylinder 2014-2016
M272    3.5L V6 Gas     2007-2008