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647 990 29 07KIT 2002-2006 2.7L 5 CYL SPRINTER Fuel Injector Bolt Kit
Rating: 0
Complete set of five stretch bolts and five lower injector seals. 
Any time an injector is replaced, both the bolt and the seal must be replaced.

Neither one of these two components should ever be reused.

Valve cover gasket and upper seals are shown below, along with the valve cover.

Fuel Filter-Diesel (OEM) 2004-2009
642 092 01 01 Diesel Fuel Filter-HENGST H278WK (OEM) 2004-2009
Rating: 5
Two O-ring seals are included with the filter, which are to be used on the moisture sensor in the center of the filter element.

These are for 2004 to 2009 model years only - Not for 2002-2003 or any Sprinter engines 2010 and later.

If you are planning on removing  and replacing the original "Clic" style fuel hose clamps on top of the filter, you will need 1 x 13 mm clamp
and 1 x 15mm clamp, see below.

Fuel Injector-Reman/Exchange 2002-2003
612 070 04 87 Diesel Fuel Injector - NEW 2002-2003
Rating: 0
Original Bosch factory Diesel Fuel Injector.  These are NEW and sold outright - No core deposit is required. 

ONLY for the OM612 engine from 
2002-2003 models.

Sold individually - Five per engine are required.

Fuel Injector-New 2004-2006
647 070 01 87 Diesel Fuel Injector-New 2004-2006
Rating: 0

Original brand new factory Bosch diesel fuel injector - NO CORE DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED

OM 647 Engine / Only for 2004-2006 models

5 Required - Sold Individually

These are OEM Bosch injectors that are exactly the same as those sold at a MB dealer for less than half the price and a major savings over buying these injectors individually.  

Diesel Injection Pump Reman 2002-2003
612 070 01 01-NEW Diesel Injection Pump-BRAND NEW 2002-2003
Rating: 0
2002-2003 models only

For OM612 engine.

This is a brand new OEM Bosch injection pump. No core deposit is required.

Diesel Injection Pump Reman 2004-2006
648 070 02 01 Diesel Injection Pump-OEM BOSCH 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Original Bosch unit.  

No core deposit is required, pump is sold outright.

Fuel Distribution Rail 2004-2006
647 070 00 95 Fuel Distribution Rail-OEM BOSCH 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Only for 2004-2006 OM647 engine

NOT for 2002-2003 models with OM612 engine

This is the exact, identical new original Bosch fuel distribution rail sold at a franchise Freightliner, Dodge or Mercedes dealership at a fraction of the dealer price.

Pressure pressure control valve (90 degree plug) and fuel pressure sensor (straight plug) on each end of rail are included.

Fuel Injector Retainer Screw 2002-2014
000 990 29 07 Fuel Injector Retainer Bolt 2002 & LATER 2.7L & 3.0L
Rating: 0
These are manufactured by Febi-Bilstein, the OEM supplier to Mercedes.

T-40 Torx head screw, 55mm stretch bolt.
Order 1 screw for each injector.

These bolts are to be tightened in two stages.  Torque to 7 Nm (62 inch lbs), then an additional 90 degrees.

611 070 11 33 Fuel Injector Supply Line 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Hi pressure steel line from the fuel rail to each of the five injectors.  These lines will often leak at either end, especially if they have been over-torqued. 

Five Required, Sold Individually.

000 077 02 60 Fuel Pressure Control Valve Seal Ring 2004-2006
Rating: 0
For Fuel Pressure Control Valve located at back end of fuel rail.
This is the larger diameter seal ring around the perimeter.

Fuel Pressure Control Valve-Early  2002-2003
611 078 01 49 Fuel Pressure Control Valve-EARLY 2002-2003
Rating: 0
Located at end of fuel rail
Only for early OM 612 engine, 2002 and early 2003 engines.
90 degree plug connection
Check the part number on your existing unit BEFORE ordering. SEE OTHER CONTROL VALVE, SHOWN BELOW
Mercedes part number:    611 078 01 49
Bosch part number:          0 281 002 241

LATER version is shown below.

Fuel Pressure Control Valve-Late 2002-2003
611 078 05 49 Fuel Pressure Control Valve-LATE 2002-2003
Rating: 0
Located at the end of fuel rail.  This is the sensor with the 90 degree plug connection.
The straight connection plug sensor on the opposite end of the rail is shown below.

Check the part number on your existing unit before ordering.

Mercedes part number:     611 078 05 49
Bosch part number:           0 281 002 698

646 074 02 84 Fuel Quantity Control Valve 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Located on high pressure diesel injection pump (front of engine). 

Has 90 degree connector plug.

Aka: Fuel Flow Control Valve, Fuel Control Solenoid or Fuel Metering Valve.

901 470 36 98 Fuel Tank Assembly 2004-2006 Sprinter
Rating: 0


This is the bare tank assembly - it does not come with the fuel pump or the fuel filler neck

Fuel Transfer Pump 2002-2003
611 090 03 50 Fuel Transfer Pump 2002-2003
Rating: 0
OM612 engine on 2002-2003 models only

This is the mechanical transfer pump, which brings fuel from the fuel tank to the injection pump.

Mounted on the front of the engine, this is the smaller of the two pumps and is directly above the injection pump.

The larger pump is the high pressure diesel injection pump, see below. 

Both pumps are OEM Bosch manufactured and they are the identical pumps as those sold at a franchise dealership.

Fuel Injector Seal Ring-Lower 2002-2014
611 017 00 60 Lower Fuel Injector Seal Ring 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Lower copper seal at tip of injector.  
One required for each injector nozzle.