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Fuel Injector Retainer Bolt 2002 & LATER 2.7L & 3.0L

These are manufactured by Febi-Bilstein, the OEM supplier to Mercedes.

T-40 Torx head screw - 6mm outer diameter - 79mm stretch bolt (24mm shank & 55mm thread).

Order 1 screw for each injector.

These bolts are to be tightened in two stages.  Torque to 7 Nm (62 inch lbs), then an additional 90 degrees.
Part Number:  000 990 29 07-FEBI
Dealer List  $3.40
Europarts Price:
Savings:$1.44 (42%)
Detailed Description
Sprinter 2002-2006
Sprinter II 2007-2018 3.0L V6 ONLY
Sprinter III 2019+ 3.0L V6 ONLY

It is CRITICAL that new screws and copper seal rings be fitted any time that injectors are removed and replaced.  These are the original Mercedes Benz spec screws and are not a hardened bolt.  They are a "stretch bolt" or as more formally known,  torque to yield.  Do not use any other bolt on your injectors and never re-use an old bolt / screw.

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