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Auxiliary Fan Assembly 2002-2006
000 500 71 93 Auxiliary Fan Assembly 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Located in front of the A/C condenser in front of the radiator.

Often called the A/C condenser fan.

Coolant Temperature Gauge Sending Unit 2007-2014
000 905 61 02 Coolant Temperature Sensor 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Coolant temperature sending unit manufactured by Hella, an OEM supplier to Mercedes.

Located on the thermostat housing and/or on the intake manifold, depending upon the model year.
90 degree electrical plug connection. Held in place by metal clip.
A new o-ring seal is included.

Fan Blade 2002-2006
103 200 04 23 Fan Blade 2002-2006
Rating: 0

Before replacing the fan clutch assembly or the fan clutch, you must inspect the fan blades very carefully for any chips, cracks or damage. 

Any missing chunks or pieces will result in the fan being out of balance and will mean a very short life for any fan clutch, as it will quickly destroy the bearing in the center of the clutch.


Fan Clutch 2002-2006
000 200 58 22 Fan Clutch 2002-2006
Rating: 0
It is recommended that you closely inspect your fan blade when you replace the clutch.  A damaged fan blade will cause excessive noise and premature fan clutch failure.  A fan blade with just one small missing section on the blade will cause the fan clutch bearing to wear out very quickly, due to the entire assembly being out of balance.  Check it very carefully.

Fan Clutch w/Fan Blade 2004-2006
000 200 82 23-MB Fan Clutch w/Fan Blade 2002-2006
Rating: 0
This is a brand new original Mercedes part.
For all five cylinder engines.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INFO: Torque value is 33 ft/lbs or 45 Nm
Clean the mating surfaces and torque the center bolt properly.  Lack of clearance in this area
makes it difficult to gain access during installation.  The radiator should be removed in order to do the job correctly. Failure to do so will allow the fan clutch to slip and freewheel on the pulley.

Water Pump Flange Gasket 2004-2006
647 201 00 80 Water Pump Coolant Pipe Flange Gasket 2004-2006
Rating: 0
This gasket is supplied with the water pump and is NOT even found on the Dodge parts diagram.  Metal gasket and teflon coated.

Located at small flange between water pump and coolant pipe.

Water Pump Gasket 2002-2006
611 201 02 80 Water Pump Gasket 2002-2006
Rating: 0
This is a metal teflon coated gasket.

Do not order this if you are ordering a new water pump, as a new gasket is supplied with the pump.

Water Pump Hose to Heater Return Pipe 2002-2006
611 203 04 82 Water Pump Hose to Heater Return Pipe 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Shorter hose section, at water pump,  with one 90 degree bend.

Water Pump-New 2002-2003 Sprinter
611 200 11 01 Water Pump-New 2002-2003 Sprinter
Rating: 0
Fits Sprinter OM612 engine for 2002-2003 ONLY.

Pump is furnished with the gasket to the engine block.

Water Pump-New 2004-2006
647 200 01 01 Water Pump-New 2004-2006
Rating: 5
Fits OM647 engine 2004-2006 only.
This pump is made by Hepu,  a quality German manufacturer of water pumps.
Both of the Teflon coated metal gaskets are included with the pump.

Not for 2002-2003 engines.