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Crankshaft Bolt-Front 2002-2006
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Front Crankshaft Bolt 2002-2006

Retainer bolt in center of front crankshaft pulley/vibration damper.  The torque spec that was given to us is 240 ft lbs or 325 Nm, plus 90 degrees THIS BOLT IS MARKED 10.9 ON THE HEAD.
The later crankshaft (mid 2006 and later) has a single groove and uses both a different woodruff key and a different center bolt (marked 1150).  The two bolts must not be interchanged with one another.
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Sprinter 2002-2006

Always replace this bolt when changing the crankshaft pulley/vibration damper. Do not reuse your old bolt, as it is a stretch bolt and is to be torqued to spec, once and only once.

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