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Wheel Bearing Kit-Rear HD Winnebago Rialta, Vista & Sunstar  1995-2003
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Rear Wheel Bearing Kit- HD Winnebago Rialta, Vista & Sunstar 1995-2005

HD (Heavy Duty Load 2000 Kg/4400 lbs rating) ( COLOR CODE ON THE SEALS IS BLACK)

The heavy duty bearings are dimensionally identical to the standard wheel bearings and can be used in lieu of the standard bearing but, not the other way around.

These are the heavy duty load rear wheel bearing for Winnebago Rialta, Vista & Itasca Sunstar but, may be used in any position for any Eurovan based vehicle.
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Winnebago Rialta 1995-2005
Winnebago Vista 2002-2004
Itasca Sunstar 2002-2004

When installing a wheel bearing into a control arm or trailing arm, you must only press against the outside race or rim of the bearing.  When installing a bearing onto a shaft, you must only press on the inner race or center of the bearing.  Failure to do this will result in the destruction of the roller bearing.

Note that these heavy duty bearings which are engineered for a 2000 Kg load, are color coded black. The standard bearings (1200 Kg) are color coded orange and are inadequate for the rear of any of the Eurovan based RV's.  Do NOT use the orange bearing on the rear of your motor home.
Note: A Winnebago engineer has confirmed the correct torque value of 148 ft. lbs. for the rear wheel center bolt (24 mm for both bolt head & nut). He also stated that in the case of many Winnebagos, they probably loosen because of repeated heating and cooling of the bolt and associated parts which causes expansion and contraction of the metal. There is no positive locking mechanism such as a castellated nut and cotter key in the system, only a nut with a serrated surface that digs into the back of the brake and wheel assembly. Some can be tightened just by turning the bolt from the front. Others may just turn around continuously and you may have to hold the nut from turning on the back with an additional wrench. I would caution everyone to periodically check the tightness of these wheel and bearing retaining bolts just to be certain that a rear wheel does not come off, as this has happened to several owners.  Use Loctite or a similar thread holding compound around the threads of the nut on the inside before you begin to tighten. Loctite will serve as the only means in keeping the bolt and nut from becoming loose again. (The above is courtesy of Baldy's CD)   Also, the correct torque for the lug bolts for all four wheels is 125 ft lbs, while the axle bolt is 148 ft lbs.

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