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Tensioner Lever Sleeve 1992-1996
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Tensioner Lever Sleeve/Bushing 1992-1996

All AAF, ACU gas engines and AAB diesel engines

This is located in the cast aluminum or steel cased tensioner bracket. 
The tensioner arm slides into this sleeve/bushing and keeps the hole in the aluminum bracket from becoming "wallowed out".  
Without this sleeve/bushing in place the shaft will be canted at an angle.
Part Number:  028 903 313
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Detailed Description
Eurovan 1992-1996
If the L-shaped tensioner lever appears to be crooked or angled out of alignment, this sleeve is most likely worn out.  IOW, if your serpentine belt tensioner roller appears to be not aligned with the rest of the pulleys and rollers, this is most likely the cause.
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