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Brake Light Switch 1992-2000
Brake Light Switch 1992-2000
Rating: 0
2 pin electrical plug

Close Contact Relay 1992-2003
Close Contact Relay 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Used for several different functions on many model years.
Original units were orange in color.  New ones are normally gray.

ECM Power Supply Relay (30) 1992-2000
ECM Power Supply Relay (30) 1992-2000
Rating: 0
For ECM (Electronic Control Module)

Fuse Box
Fuse Panel & Relay Block 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Main relay plate and fuse box

The illustration shows fuses on the board however, no fuses nor any relays are included with the bare circuit board.

Headlight Switch 1992-1996
Headlight Switch 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Complete assembly with dimmer wheel.

Heater & A/C Blower Switch 1992-1996
Heater & A/C Blower Switch 1992-1996
Rating: 0
5 pin

Multi Function Relay 4-pin (53) 1992-2003
Multi Function Relay 4-pin (53) 1992-2005
Rating: 0
This relay could be any of several part numbers, as it has been superseded on many occasions by VW.

8K0 953 253, 141 951 253B, 701 919 505, 4H0 951 253A

Park/Neutral Position Relay 1992-2003
Park Neutral Position Relay 1992-2005
Rating: 0
PNP relay aka as starter relay

Radiator Fan Control Module 1992-2003
Radiator Fan Control Relay/Module 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Controls both radiator cooling fans

Radiator Fan Fuse-50 Amp 1992-2003
Radiator Fan Strip Fuse-50 Amp 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Metal strip fuse 50 amp

Back-up Light Switch-M/T only 1992-1996
Reverse Light Switch-M/T ONLY 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Located on top of transmission
For manual transmission models only

For those models with an automatic transmission, the reverse light is located within the multi-function switch shown below

Turn Signal Flasher Relay 1992-1999
Turn Signal Flasher Relay 1992-1999
Rating: 0
Up to VIN 70 X 080000
Up to mid 1999 model year
3 pins, relay # 21

Turn Signal Switch W/Cruise 1992-1996 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE, SEPT. 2012***
Turn Signal Switch W/Cruise 1992-1996 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
Only for models with cruise control

This is informational only, as there are none left in North America nor, in Germany.

Turn Signal Switch w/o Cruise 1992-1996
Turn Signal Switch w/o Cruise 1992-1996 *SOLD OUT*
Rating: 0

For models with or without cruise control. (Only because the cruise control version switch has long since been discontinued)

Voltage Stabilizer-Instrument Cluster 1992-1996
Voltage Stabilizer-Instrument Cluster 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Instrument cluster voltage stabilizer (Not to be confused with the voltage regulator, which is located on the back side of the alternator)

A faulty voltage stabilizer and/or the ignition switch can cause dash instrument or gauge problems

Window Switch 1992-1996
Window Switch 1992-1996 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
2 on left door and 1 on right door

This switch has been discontinued as of October 2013.  VW has none left in the US or Germany. 

Wiper Relay-Non Programmable 1992-2003
Wiper Relay(19)-Non Programmable 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Non-programmable intermittent wiper relay for front windshield.
19 on end of relay
This relay has a fixed time delay period

Wiper/Washer Switch 1992-1996
Wiper Switch 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Stalk switch on right side of steering column for wiper and washer

This is an OEM German part and has been discontinued by VW.
We still have two units remaining in stock however, when these are gone, they will no longer be available.

Relay-X Contact 1992-2003
X Contact Relay 1992-2003
Rating: 0
40 AMP
4 pin