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2014-2016 2.1L 4 CYL Glow Plug Replacement Set ***FREE USA SHIPPING***
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Set of 4 replacement glow plugs for the OM651 2.1L 4 CYL Diesel engine with USPS 2 to 3 day shipping included to ANY US Zip Code.

A complete set of all four glow plugs and the control unit is also available, see below.


Glow Plug (M8) 7.0 Volt 2.1L 4 Cyl  2014+
Glow Plug (M8) 7.0 Volt Mid 2012 & LATER 3.0L V6
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6  required for Sprinter 3.0L Mid 2012 and Later 3.0L V6 engines

These are a 7.0 volt ceramic core glow plug and are ONLY to be used with the Glow Plug Control Unit shown below.

These glow plugs are also used for other Mercedes 3.0L V6 diesel engines (from June 15, 2012 (engine number 41330714 and later)
These are the original NGK plugs.  They are the same exact plug sold at a Mercedes dealer. 

Glow Plug Connector (GREY) 2007 & LATER
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Grey plastic connector that snaps over end of glow plug and houses the cylindrical electrical contact which is sold separately.
The electrical contact that it houses, is listed below.

Glow Plug Contact 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Metal electrical glow plug contact used in conjunction with the connectors shown below

Glow Plug Control Unit 3.0L V6 2007-2014
Glow Plug Control Unit 3.0L V6 Mid 2012 & LATER
Rating: 0
Glow plug control unit for all V6 diesel engine models, Mid 2012 and later. (From June 16, 2012, Engine number 41330714 and later).  It is to be used ONLY with the NGK ceramic core glow plugs.  DO NOT use this unit with any steel core glow plugs (4.4 volts) made by Bosch or Beru.

This unit is manufactured by Beru and is the exact same unit sold at a Dodge, Freightliner or Mercedes dealer.


Throttle Pedal Actuator 2002-2006
MAP Sensor-Sprinter 2019+ 2.0L & Metris 2016+
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MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor


Mid 2012 & LATER Sprinter 3.0 V6 Glow Plug & Control Unit Replacement Kit ***FREE USA SHIPPING***
Rating: 0
Need high temp anti seize grease? Click Here
Complete kit for all Mid 2012-2018 3.0L V6 diesels.
1 x Glow Plug Control Unit (OEM BERU)
6 x Glow Plugs (OEM NGK)
2 to 3 Day Priority Mail delivery to ANY USA Zip Code included

Mid 2012 & LATER Sprinter 3.0 V6 SET OF 6 Glow Plugs ***FREE USA SHIPPING***
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Complete set for all Mid 2012 and Later 3.0L V6 diesels.

6 x Glow Plugs (OEM NGK)