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Coolant Circulation Pump 2007 & LATER
Rating: 0
Electric water pump in heater hose circuit
aka auxiliary water pump

Coolant Expansion Tank 2019+
Rating: 0
Fits both 4 CYL AND 3.0L V6 models

Coolant Outlet 3.0L V6 2007 & LATER
Rating: 0
 Aluminum water outlet on front of engine, 90 degree bend. Includes seal ring.


Coolant Temperature Gauge Sending Unit 2007-2014
Coolant Temperature Sensor 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Coolant temperature sending unit manufactured by Hella, an OEM supplier to Mercedes.

Located on the thermostat housing and/or on the intake manifold, depending upon the model year.
90 degree electrical plug connection. Held in place by metal clip.
A new o-ring seal is included.

Expansion Tank Cap-sPRINTER 2019+ & METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0
Cap for coolant expansion tank

Rating: 0
1 gallon container to be mixed in equal parts with water
This is PINK in color, check existing color of coolant.

  Do NOT mix any two different colored fluids together.

Radiator 2.0L 4 CYL & 3.0L V6 2019+SPRINTER III
Rating: 0
Fits both 3.0L V6 Diesel & 2.0L 4 CYL Gas engine models from 2019 and Later

Thermostat Main Seal 2007 & LATER 3.0L V6
Rating: 0
This is the larger main seal for the thermostat.

Do not order if you are purchasing a new thermostat, as it is supplied with the new thermostat