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Battery Hold Down Clamp 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Battery hold down clamp.

Battery Tray 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Battery tray located in engine compartment.

Bolt Fuse-100 Amp-Blue 2002-2006
Bolt Fuse-100 Amp-Blue 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Blue 100 Amp terminal fuse bridging two screws

Bolt Fuse-125 Amp-Pink 2002-2006
Bolt Fuse-125 Amp-Pink 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Pink 125 Amp terminal fuse bridging two screws

Bolt Fuse-150 Amp-Grey 2002-2014
Bolt Fuse-150 Amp-Grey 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Grey 150 Amp terminal fuse bridging two screws

Bolt Fuse-200 Amp-Purple 2002-2014
Bolt Fuse-200 Amp-Purple 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Purple 200 Amp terminal fuse bridging two screws

Bolt Fuse-70 Amp-Brown 2002-2014
Bolt Fuse-70 Amp-Brown 2002-2018
Rating: 0
Brown 70 Amp terminal fuse bridging two screws.

Bolt Fuse-80 Amp-White 2007-2014
Bolt Fuse-80 Amp-White 2007-2018
Rating: 0
80 Amp white bolt fuse bridging two screws

Engine Wiring Harness 2002-2003 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
Electrical wiring harness for the engine.
This is an updated Mercedes harness that replaces the original harness, which has been discontinued.



This harness fits only the 2002-2003 models,

Multi-Purpose Bulb-Festoon-5W 2002-2014 Sprinter
Festoon Bulb-5W 2002-2018 Sprinter
Rating: 0
Used for license plate light

Fog Light Bulb H-3 2002-2006
Fog Light Bulb H3 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Sold in increments of 1
Halogen element
55 Watt

Headlight Bulb H-1 2002-2006
Headlight Bulb H1 2002-2006
Rating: 0
55W Single Filament Halogen
High Beam or Fog Light

Headlight Bulb H-7 2002-2014
Headlight Bulb H7 Sprinter 2002 & LATER + Metris 2016+
Rating: 0
55W single filament, halogen
Two Pin Connection
Manufactured in Europe by Phillips, a major European electrical supplier to the automotive market

Interior Bulb- Fluorescent Light-8W 2002-2014
Interior Bulb- Fluorescent Light-8W 2002-2018
Rating: 0
Cargo area fluorescent bulb. 
Located at the far rear of the cargo area on those vehicles equipped with this light.

Interior Bulb-Festoon Type-18W 2002-2014 Sprinter
Interior Bulb-Festoon Type-10W 2002-2006 Sprinter
Rating: 0
12V-10 Watt dome light bulb
Overhead light in front cab area.  NOT for rear cargo area.
Two required.

Interior Bulb-Festoon Type-18W 2002-2014 Sprinter
Interior Bulb-Festoon Type-18W 2002-2018 Sprinter
Rating: 0
12V-18 watt dome light bulb

For overhead light fixtures in various areas.

Maxi Fuse-30 Amp-Green 2002-2006
Maxi Fuse-30 Amp-Green 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Maxifuse 30 mm wide-Green

Maxi Fuse-40 Amp-Orange 2002-2006
Maxi Fuse-40 Amp-Orange 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Maxifuse 30 mm wide-Orange

Maxi Fuse-50 Amp-Red 2002-2006
Maxi Fuse-50 Amp-Red 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Maxifuse 30 mm wide-Red

Maxi Fuse-60 Amp-Blue 2002-2014
Maxi Fuse-60 Amp-Blue 2002-2018
Rating: 0
Maxifuse 30 mm wide-Blue

Marker Light Bulb-Amber-5W 2007-2014
Multi Purpose Bulb-AMBER GLASS-5W 2007-2018 SPRINTER & METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0
12V-5W All glass, no metal base
Small 5W amber bulb used in side turn signal repeater lights.

Multi-Purpose Bulb-Clear Base-5W 2002-2014
Multi-Purpose Bulb-CLEAR GLASS-5W 2002 & LATER SPRINTER + Metris 2016+
Rating: 0
12V-5W All glass, no metal base
Multiple uses including:
Turn Signal repeater light on front fender.
Parking Light
License Plate Light
Interior Entry/Courtesy Light on front doors
Rear Marker Light

Multi-Purpose Bulb-Single Filament-21W Clear 2002-2014
Multi-Purpose Bulb-Single Filament-21W CLEAR 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
12V-21W Clear Single Filament Bulb
Positions 2 & 3 in each of the rear taillights
Rear turn signal (only on some models)
Back-up light
High mount stop light (only on some models)

Bulb Holder-Taillight  2002-2006
Taillight Bulb Holder 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Taillight electrical plate, fits either left or right side tail light
Accommodates all four bulbs from top to bottom.

All bulbs are listed below.

This is a Genuine Mercedes Benz part and NOT the cheap asian knock-off found on eBay

Taillight Bulb-Dual Filament-21/5W 2002-2014
Taillight Bulb-Dual Filament-21/5W 2002-2018
Rating: 0
12V-21/5W Clear Dual Filament Bulb
Upper taillight bulb
Brake Light

Taillight/Rear Marker Light Bulb-5W 2002-2014
Taillight/Rear Marker Light Bulb-5W 2002-2018
Rating: 0
Bulb can be either round or cylindrical in shape

Turn Signal Bulb-Rear-21W Amber 2007-2014
Turn Signal Bulb-SPRINTER 2002 & LATER & METRIS -21W Amber 2016+
Rating: 0
12V-21W Amber Single filament Bulb (Bulb in photo has two contacts on the bottom but, there is only one on this bulb)

Rear for 2007-2018 Sprinter II - 2 per vehicle
Rear for 2019+ Sprinter III - 2 per vehicle
Front for Metris 2016+ - 2 per vehicle
Rear for 2002-2006 Sprinter when doing conversion to all red taillights, with clear t/s lens.

Turn Signal/Side Marker Bulb-Amber-8W/27W 2002-2014
Turn Signal/Side Marker Bulb-AMBER-8W/27W 2002-2018
Rating: 0
12V-8W/27W Dual Filament bulb
Front Turn Signal
Side Marker