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701 000 001 92-03 Eurovan A/C O-ring Kit
Rating: 0

This O-ring kit contains over 20 seals for the Eurovan air conditioning system.

Compressors do NOT contain O Rings inside the box - Order this kit for your seals

A/C Compressor-New 2001-2003
7D0 820 805L A/C Compressor OEM 2001-2005
Rating: 0

Complete assembly, with clutch.

These are New, original compressors made by Sanden, the OEM supplier to VW.

Receiver Drier and expansion valve must be replaced at the same time as the compressor, in order to validate your warranty.

*Free USA Shipping*

A/C Evaporator Temperature Switch
357 820 295B A/C Evaporator Temperature Switch 1992-2005***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
This part has now been discontinued by VW and is no longer available.

ETR or Evaporator Temperature Regulator Switch
Cycles A/C compressor on and off to prevent the evaporator from "icing" up.

The 1992-1994 version of this switch (VW part # 191 959 281) has been discontinued by VW and is no longer available.
While this switch is designed for 1995-2005 models, it can be used for the early 1992-1994 Eurovans, as well.   There are
only two small spade type electrical contacts used.

A/C Evaporator-Front 1997-2003
7D1 820 011A A/C Evaporator-Front 1997-2003 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
Located under dashboard.  Discontinued by VW, 2016.

A/C Expansion Valve 1995-2003
701 820 679D A/C Expansion Valve 1992-2005
Rating: 0


A/C Hi/Low Pressure  Switch 1995-2003
7M3 959 139 A/C Hi/Low Pressure Switch 1995-2005 - 1H0 959 139B
Rating: 0

aka Trinary Switch

This is the later version unit without the pigtail. 

The earlier version (1992-1994) with pigtail, is shown below.


A/C Receiver Drier 2000-2003
7D0 820 191 A/C Receiver Drier 2000-2005
Rating: 0
From VIN 70 Y 089498
From mid 2000 model year to end of production in 2003 (2005 for the Rialta)

A/C Relay (140) 1992-2003
701 959 141B A/C Relay (140) 1992-2005 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
140 .........on end of relay.   AKA A/C clutch relay
Unfortunately this is no longer available, DISCONTINUED BY VW

A/C Condenser 2000-2003
7D0 820 413 Eurovan A/C Condenser 2000-2005 - 94834
Rating: 0

From VIN Y0 089498
From mid 2000 model year

MT3013 Ultra PAG 100 Oil for R12 and R134a Systems
Rating: 0

Premium Double End Capped PAG Oil for your A/C System. 

Anytime your replacing a major A/C component such as a compressor, condenser, evaporator, etc. or when evacuating and draining the system, you must replace the oil!

Follow the manufacturer specifications for oil amounts per component.