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Fuel Filter-Eurovan 1992-2003
Fuel Filter 1992-2005 Eurovan/Rialta
Rating: 0
Fits ALL Eurovans and Rialtas with any of the three version gasoline engines, no exceptions.

Fuel Injector Seal Kit  2001-2003
Fuel Injector Seal Kit 2001-2005
Rating: 0
1 kit per injector
6 kits required per engine

Fuel Pump Relay 1992-2003
Fuel Pump Relay(80) 1992-2005 Eurovan/Rialta
Rating: 5
Number on top of relay is 167

Fuel Pump 1993-2003
Fuel Pump-Mid 1993-2005 Eurovan/Rialta
Rating: 0
From VIN 70 P 030001
From mid 1993 model year to end of production in 2003 (Thru 2005 model for Rialta)

This is a pump made by Pierburg, an OEM supplier to VW

Fuel Tank Cap-Locking 1999-2003
Fuel Tank Cap-Locking 1999-2003
Rating: 0
Locking cap with 2 keys
Later style cap with large, coarse threads.

These are made in Germany by the OEM supplier to VW.

Fuel Tank Cap-Non Locking 1999-2003
Fuel Tank Cap-Non Locking 1999-2003
Rating: 0
Non-locking cap
Later style cap with large, coarse threads

Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Seal 1992-2003
Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Seal 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Seals tank access port for fuel pump and sending unit (under threaded collar)

Throttle Body/Housing 2001-2003
Throttle Body/Housing 2001-2005 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
Only for VR6-24 Valve engine

This item has now been discontinued by Bosch and is no longer available. (AUGUST 2020)

Photo of the product is not accurate (this is a photo of a 1997-2000 or 12 valve unit)
Part supplied will be correct for the 24 valve engine 2001 and later.