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2001-2003 Eurovan Engine Filter Kit
071 198 000 2001-2005 Eurovan/Rialta Filter Kit
Rating: 0
Only for AXK VR6-24 Valve engine
Contains Air filter, Cabin filter & Oil filter

Hose-Air Mass Sensor 2001-2003 Eurovan
022 129 627C Air Mass Sensor Hose/PCV 2001-2005 Eurovan **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
Rating: 0

Air Mass Sensor to Intake Manifold
Has PCV type valve attached, which is not available as a separate part

ONLY for 24 valve engines

Throttle Body/Housing 2001-2003
022 133 062AB Throttle Body/Housing 2001-2005 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
Only for VR6-24 Valve engine

This item has now been discontinued by Bosch and is no longer available. (AUGUST 2020)

Photo of the product is not accurate (this is a photo of a 1997-2000 or 12 valve unit)
Part supplied will be correct for the 24 valve engine 2001 and later.

Throttle Pedal Actuator 2001-2003
7D1 723 507E Throttle Pedal Actuator 2001-2005 *DISCONTINUED*
Rating: 0

Only for 2001 & later models with electronic throttle
Accelerator pedal with attached potentiometer module

Vacuum Hose 1992-2003
N 020 353 5 Vacuum Hose 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Original fabric covered hose
Sold by the meter (Approx 39.6 inches, per meter)