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022 198 121 2001-2005 Eurovan Thermostat & Housing Kit
Rating: 0
Complete kit of all the necessary items to service this cooling area. Nothing else is required.
As of January 2020, this kit now includes an upgraded aluminum pipe, rather than the plastic pipe.

Changing your water pump at the same time is recommended, see both versions below

Auxiliary Water Pump 2000-2003
3D0 965 561D Auxiliary Water Pump 2000-2003 Eurovan
Rating: 0
aka Coolant Circulation Pump
Circulates coolant thru the cylinder head to prevent hot spots, resulting in warpage of the head.
Only for models 2000-2003 and Rialta to 2005

This unit has an oval shaped electrical plug connection, which is different from the earlier pumps, which have a rectangular electrical plug.

Radiator Hose-Lower 2001-2003 Eurovan
7D0 122 051 Lower Radiator Hose 2001-2005 Eurovan *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*
Rating: 0
Unfortunately, there are no aftermarket replacements available.

Complete hose assembly with heater valve.
Only for 24 Valve engines

Radiator 2001-2003
7D0 121 253C Radiator 2001-2005
Rating: 0
Radiator is manufactured by Nissens of Denmark, a world supplier of excellent quality cooling system products.

Radiator Fan Assembly 1997-2003
7D0 959 455K Radiator Fan Assembly 1997-2005
Rating: 5
These fan are extremely powerful and they all may have some vibration, some a little more than others. 
We cannot refund or swap fans because of this. 

VW is no longer selling these fans thru their dealer network and these are all that are available.

Radiator Fan Control Module 1992-2003
701 919 506A Radiator Fan Control Relay/Module 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Controls both radiator cooling fans

Thermostat 80 Deg. C. 1997-2002
075 121 113D Thermostat 1997-2005
Rating: 5
Seal ring is included

Thermostat Housing 2001-2003
022 121 117C Thermostat Housing 2001-2005
Rating: 0
VR6-24 Valve engine
Housing without seals

Thermostat Housing Cover 2001-2003
022 121 121E Thermostat Housing Cover 2001-2005
Rating: 0
Fits only VR6-24V engines

Thermostat Housing Seal 1997-2003
021 121 119A Thermostat Housing Seal 1997-2003
Rating: 0
Seals the thermostat housing to the cylinder head

Radiator Hose-Upper 2001-2003 Eurovan
7D0 122 101A Upper Radiator Hose 2001-2005 Eurovan
Rating: 0
Upper Radiator Hose (One of the few hoses still available for this van, and in stock)
3 connections

Only for 24 valve engines

Water Pump-New 1997-2002
021 121 004A Water Pump-New 1997-Mid 2002
Rating: 0
All VR6-12V engines
VR6-24V engines Up to VIN 70 2 097000
Up to mid 2002 model year
Check your VIN carefully before ordering.
O-ring seal included
Impeller is cast iron.

Water Pump-New 2002-2003 Eurovan
022 121 011 Water Pump-New Mid 2002-2005 Eurovan
Rating: 0
VR6-24V engines From VIN 70 2 097001
From mid 2002 model year, Check your VIN carefully before ordering
Rialta 2002-2005