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A/C Warranty Info
Turbo Warranty Info

A/C Compressor-New 1997-2000
A/C Compressor-New 1997-2000
Rating: 0
Complete assembly, with clutch
Receiver Drier must be replaced at the same time as the compressor in order to validate your warranty.

A/C Condenser 1997-2000 888 CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK***
A/C Condenser 1997-2000
Rating: 0
Up to VIN Y0 089497
Up to mid 2000 model year

Manufactured by Nissens, a cooling systems manufacturer located in Denmark.

A/C Condenser 2000-2003
A/C Condenser 2000-2005
Rating: 0
***SOLD OUT***
From VIN Y0 089498
From mid 2000 model year

A/C Evaporator Temperature Switch
A/C Evaporator Temperature Switch 1992-2005***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
This part has now been discontinued by VW and is no longer available.

ETR or Evaporator Temperature Regulator Switch
Cycles A/C compressor on and off to prevent the evaporator from "icing" up.

The 1992-1994 version of this switch (VW part # 191 959 281) has been discontinued by VW and is no longer available.
While this switch is designed for 1995-2005 models, it can be used for the early 1992-1994 Eurovans, as well.   There are
only two small spade type electrical contacts used.

A/C Evaporator-Front 1997-2003
A/C Evaporator-Front 1997-2003 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
Located under dashboard.  Discontinued by VW, 2016.

A/C Expansion Valve 1995-2003
A/C Expansion Valve 1992-2005
Rating: 0


A/C Hi/Low Pressure  Switch 1995-2003
A/C Hi/Low Pressure Switch 1995-2005
Rating: 0
aka Trinary Switch

This is the later version unit without the pigtail. 
The earlier version (1992-1994) with pigtail, is shown below.


A/C Receiver Drier 1995-2000
A/C Receiver Drier 1995-2000
Rating: 0
From VIN 70 S 074328 (mid 1995)
Up to VIN 70 Y 089497 (mid 2000)

From mid 1995-2000

A/C Receiver Drier 2000-2003
A/C Receiver Drier 2000-2005
Rating: 0
From VIN 70 Y 089498
From mid 2000 model year to end of production in 2003 (2005 for the Rialta)

A/C Relay (140) 1992-2003
A/C Relay (140) 1992-2005 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
140 .........on end of relay.   AKA A/C clutch relay
Unfortunately this is no longer available, DISCONTINUED BY VW