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1992-1996 Eurovan Front Brake Kit
1992-1996 Eurovan Front Brake Kit (MEYLE PADS) ***FREE SHIPPING***
Rating: 0
Complete kit, with shipping included, with two rotors and a set of brake pads for about the same price that a VW dealer would charge just for the brake pad set alone.

2 to 3 Day Priority Mail shipping to most US Zip Codes is included!

These kits are only for shipping to a US address.


Brake Pad Retaining Pin 1992-2000
Brake Pad Retaining Pin 1992-2000
Rating: 0
For Lucas Girling front calipers ONLY

Brake Rotor-Front Standard 1992-1996
Front Brake Rotor 1992-1996
Rating: 0
2 per vehicle
Sold only in increments of 2

Brake Rotor-Front Diesel 1992-1996 ***BLOW OUT PRICING***
Front Brake Rotor-Diesel only 1992-1996 ***BLOW OUT PRICING***
Rating: 0
For Diesel engine models only.

Note that these are solid rotors and will not fit any of the gas engine models, as they use ventilated rotors, and different pads and calipers, as well.


Brake Pad Set-Girling Front 1992-1999
MEYLE Front Brake Pad Set-Girling 1992-1999
Rating: 0
Only for models with Lucas Girling caliper.  (All 1992-1996 models use these pads)

If your vehicle is a 1997-2000 model, you could have either one of two different types of front calipers.
The brake pads for each type caliper are NOT interchangeable.  The two different types of pads and calipers look nothing alike.
Please determine which type you have prior to placing your order.

See the Ate version pads shown below.


Brake Rotor-Rear Standard 1997-2000
Rear Brake Rotor 1997-2000
Rating: 0
Standard solid 280 mm diameter

Rear Brake Shoe Hardware Kit 1992-1996
Rear Brake Shoe Hardware Kit 1992-1996
Rating: 0
For rear drum brakes only

1 set is required.  Does both sides of vehicle.

Rear Brake Shoe Set 1992-1996
Rear Brake Shoe Set 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Only for rear drum brakes
This is the complete set of all four shoes (does both sides of vehicle)
The shoe set does not include any brake shoe hardware. 
For hardware kit, see below