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Alternator-175 Amp METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0
This is the identical 175 amp alternator sold at a Mercedes dealer.

This unit is brand new, no core deposit is required

There are also some models equipped with a 190 Amp alternator (check cover plate on back of alternator for amperage), see below

Alternator-190 Amp METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0
190 Amp original Mercedes alternator.

There are some models equipped with a 175 Amp unit, (check cover plate on back of alternator for amperage) see below

Camshaft Position Sensor-METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0

Camshaft Timing Adjuster Magnet-METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0
A quantity of 4 of these are required for the engine, sold individually.

Coolant Temperature Gauge Sending Unit 2007-2014
Coolant Temperature Sensor 2002-2020
Rating: 0
Coolant temperature sending unit manufactured by Hella, an OEM supplier to Mercedes.

Located on the thermostat housing and/or on the intake manifold, depending upon the model year.
90 degree electrical plug connection. Held in place by metal clip.
A new o-ring seal is included.

Crankshaft Position Sensor-METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0

Ignition Coil-METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0
4 required per engine, sold individually.

Throttle Pedal Actuator 2002-2006
Rating: 0
MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor

Oil Level Sensor METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0


Serpentine Belt-METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0


Spark Plug-METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0
4 required, sold individually.
These are an Iridium spark plug

Starter-METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0


Throttle Pedal Actuator 2002-2006
Throttle Pedal Actuator-METRIS & SPRINTER 2007-2019
Rating: 0
Complete assembly, with pedal.