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1992-1995*Eurovan Serpentine Belt Kit
1992-1996 Eurovan Coolant Temperature Sensor Kit ***FREE USA SHIPPING***
Rating: 0
Complete set of all three engine coolant sensors and three seal rings for all AAF & ACU gasoline engines with free shipping.

2-Day shipping to most US Zip Codes included!
These kits are only for shipping to a US address.


Coolant Sensor Retaining Clip 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Replaces original metal retaining clip, which is now obsolete.

Coolant Temperature Sensor 1992-1999
Coolant Temperature Sensor [G62] 1992-Early1999
Rating: 0
For:  Fuel Injection System (Motronic system)
Up to early 1997 model year (Up to VIN 70 V 006390)

Coolant Temperature Sensor 1992-1996 & 2001-2003
Coolant Temperature Sensor 1992-1996 & 2001-2005
Rating: 0
This is a dual circuit sensor for Temperature Gauge (G2) & Auxiliary Water Pump (F95) (After-run thermal switch)
Mounted in hose flange or thermostat housing depending upon model year.

Coolant Temperature Sensor 1992-2003
Coolant Temperature Sensor 1992-2005
Rating: 0
This is a dual circuit sensor for Radiator Cooling Fan (F165) (High Speed Fan) and A/C Cut-Out Thermal Switch (F163)
4 pin green sensor with square plug

O Ring-Coolant Temperature Sensor 1992-2003
O Ring-Coolant Temperature Sensor 1992-2005
Rating: 0
O ring used on all non-threaded temperature sensors

Radiator Cooling Fan Relay (111)-Stage 3 1992-1996
Radiator Cooling Fan Relay (111)-Stage 3 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Stage 3 radiator fan relay
Located above driver's side headlight in front of battery

Resistor-Radiator Fan 1992-2003
Radiator Fan Resistor 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Two required per vehicle, one for each fan assembly.
These resistors are manufactured by KRAH, a well known OEM German supplier.
They are NOT a Chinese knock-off product.

You can buy two of these OEM resistors for less than a VW dealer charges for only one resistor.

For early 5 cylinder models (1992-1996), these are located under each headlight
Later models VR6 models (1997-2005), they are located behind the front bumper

Radiator Fan Fuse-50 Amp 1992-2003
Radiator Fan Strip Fuse-50 Amp 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Metal strip fuse 50 amp

Radiator Fan Switch 1992-1993
Radiator Fan Switch 1992-1993
Rating: 0
One required, mounts in radiator
Rectangular plug with 3 flat contacts in a row

Radiator Fan Switch 1994-2003
Radiator Fan Switch 1994-2005
Rating: 0
One required, mounts in radiator
Square plug with rounded corners, 3 staggered electrical contacts