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000 826 75 24 Back Up Camera Cover Kit - LARGE VERSION 2014-2018
Rating: 0

This is just the cover or housing for the back-up camera and ONLY for the LARGE VERSION CAMERA.

The kit consist of the top cover, two screws and two rubber pads.


906 905 98 00 Back Up Camera-LARGE VERSION 2014-2018
Rating: 0
Complete assembly, with housing. 
This is the larger of the two different cameras.  
The housing  is approximately 9 1/2 inches long.

The other camera model, shown below, is much smaller (6 inches long) in size and shape.


906 905 99 00 Back Up Camera-SMALL VERSION 2014-2018
Rating: 0
Complete assembly, with housing. 
This is the smaller of the two different cameras.
The camera housing is approximately 6 inches long

The other version camera, shown below, is much larger in size (9 1/2 inches long) and has a different overall shape.


Brake Pedal Pad 2007-2014
123 291 00 82 Brake Pedal Pad-SPRINTER 2007-2018 & METRIS 2016+
Rating: 0
Brake pedal covering, with criss-cross pattern

906 860 03 69 Genuine Mercedes - NCV3 Driver Side Seat Belt Buckle
Rating: 0

This is a Genuine Mercedes Benz Drivers Side Seat Belt Buckle.

CALL or EMAIL with VIN number to verify fitment, price, and part number!

169 919 01 61 Left Seat Height Adjustment Lever 2007-2018
Rating: 0
Fits driver's seat only

906 811 02 00 7K00 Left Sunvisor 2007+
Rating: 0

Photo is accurate - compare to your original.

Parking Brake Handle-Folding 2007-2014
906 420 03 12 Parking Brake Handle-SWIVEL SEAT/DROP-DOWN VERSION 2007 & LATER
Rating: 0
Original Mercedes Benz factory option for drivers seat, so that seat movement does not interfere with parking brake handle when adding a swivel base to the seat. 
Both the front and rear handle covers, and the correct front cable, for this option are also shown below.  All four components will need to be changed at the same time, in order for this handle to function correctly.  Choose the appropriate front cable for your Sprinter's wheelbase length.
Item is referred to as a "folding" handle.  It does not actually fold but, drops down lower to allow for the driver's seat to swivel without the handle being in the way.

Sprinter Option Code is BE2

901 988 00 25 Rear Cargo Door Striker Plate Retainer Pin 2002-2018
Rating: 0
aka:  treenail, tree nail

For 2002-2006 Sprinters:   7 are required for the lower striker plate and 3 for the upper striker plate
For 2007-2018 Sprinters:   11 are required for the lower striker plate


169 919 02 61 Right Seat Height Adjustment Lever 2007-2018
Rating: 0
Fits passenger's seat only

906 686 03 07 Right Step Storage Bin Cover 2007-2018
Rating: 0
Vertical grey cover, located at step on passenger's side

906 811 03 00 7K00 Right Sunvisor 2007+
Rating: 0
PASSENGER SIDE. Photo is accurate compare, to your original.

906 545 00 03 Seat Base Storage Bin/Fuse Panel Cover 2007-2018
Rating: 0
Covers fuse and relay box/storage compartment.  Grey in color.
Vertical cover/door located at the seat base/platform of both front seats.

906 464 02 01 9E37 Steering Wheel 2007-2018
Rating: 0
Does not include airbag.

913024-008100 Threaded Insert 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
HOW TO INSTALL - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Og-tHIR_0I

These threaded inserts (often called a nutsert or rivet nut) will only be required if your vehicle was NOT equipped with them from the factory. This can often be the case with passenger vans.

Most cargo vans have these pre-installed at the factory. Some passenger vans may also have these but please check your vehicle carefully before ordering.  If your vehicle does not have these pre-installed, order two for each grab handle kit meaning a total of four if you are doing two.