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Bolt M8 X 40MM
Rating: 0
Also used as attachment screws (6 required) for updated oil cooler/oil filter housing

Breather Hose 2002-2014
Breather Hose 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Located at oil separator on top of valve cover.


Crankcase Vent Valve Heater Grommet 2004 & LATER
Rating: 0
Grommet for two pin electrical sensor breather tube.

Or see below for the sensor with the grommet included.


EGR Change-Over Valve 2014+ 4 Cylinder
EGR Change Over Valve
Rating: 0
Electro-Vacuum valve located in the EGR circuit on all Sprinter diesel engines. On the V6 it is located behind passenger headlight.

EGR Valve 2002-2003
EGR Valve 2002-2003
Rating: 0
Only for OM 612 engine (2002-2003 model years)

This is the exact same new OEM Wahler EGR valve that is sold at a Mercedes, Dodge or Freightliner dealer.

Other than the gasket, there are no parts available for this valve.

EGR Valve Gasket 2002-2003
EGR Valve Gasket 2002-2003
Rating: 0
These are the OEM metal gaskets, made by Elring

EGR Valve Gasket 2004-2006
EGR Valve Gasket 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Metal teflon coated seal..

EGR Valve 2004-2006
EGR Valve-NEW 2004-2006
Rating: 5
Pierburg is an OEM supplier to nearly all European automobile manufacturers.
For OM 647 engine ONLY  
This is a water cooled EGR valve and it is only for 2004-2006 engines.

This EGR valve is supplied with the gasket

Exhaust Clamp-60MM 2007-2018
Rating: 0
This clamp is for a 60MM OD tube (approx 70MM expanded)

This clamp is used at the INPUT side of the 2007-2009 3.0L V6 DPF


Exhaust Clamping Sleeve-60MM 2007-2009 3.0L V6
Rating: 0
Located at the joint between OUTPUT end of the DPF and the exhaust pipe.

This exhaust clamp is for a 60MM OD tube/pipe.
It is a clamping sleeve joint, with a clamp at each end of the sleeve.


Exhaust/DPF Clamp-65MM 2014-2016 4 CYL
Rating: 0
Located at the joint at the OUTPUT end of the DPF, where it joints the pipe.

This clamp is for a 65MM OD tube (approx 76MM expanded)

This clamp is also used on 2014+ 2.1L 4 CYL engines

Rating: 0
M8 X 20MM

sold individually

Used on all SPRINTERS

Oil Separator Gasket/Seal 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Located between valve cover and oil separator.

If you are ordering a new oil separator, you will not NEED this, as it is furnished with the new part.

Oil Separator 2002-2003 Sprinter
Oil Separator/PCV 2002-2003 Sprinter
Rating: 0
Located at top of valve cover

Breather hose that fits on valve is shown below.....

Oxygen Sensor 2004-2009
Oxygen Sensor 2004-2009 2.7L + 3.0L Diesel & 3.5L Gas Engines
Rating: 5
Fits all 2.7 & 3.0 liter Diesel Engines thru end of 2009

Also used for left front position on 3.5 liter V6 Gas Engine

NOT for BLUETEC ENGINES, 2010 and later

Pressure Converter Valve 2002-2003
Pressure Converter Valve 2002-2003
Rating: 0
This part appears to be known by many names: 
Pressure Regulator Valve, Vacuum Modulator Valve,  Pressure Transducer or Change-Over Valve
Helpful link to diagnostics: http://www.mercedes.gen.in/mercedes-sprinter-turbo-limp-home-los-diagnosis-fault-finding/

Black polymer/plastic, with three vacuum connections and a two pin electrical plug.


Seal Ring-Turbocharger to Exhaust 2004-2006 5 CYL & 2014-2016 2.1L 4 CYL
Rating: 0
Located at joint between the turbocharger and the front pipe at the clamp area

This seal ring is used on 2004-2006 5 CYL engines, as well as 2014-2016 2.1L 4 CYL engines

Turbocharger Exhaust Clamp TYPE 2 2004-2006 & 2014-2016 2.1L 4 CYL
Rating: 0
Located at the joint between the turbocharger and the exhaust header pipe on 2004-2006 5 CYL engines
and on the INPUT end of the DPF on 2004-2016 4 CYL engines.

This is the tapered design, which uses a thick sealing ring. (see below)
Compare to your original before ordering, as there are two different types for 5 CYL engines.

This clamp is used on 2004-2006 5 CYL engines,
as well as 2014-2016 2.1L 4 CYL (INPUT end of the DPF)