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2002-2006 Sprinter 5 CYL Glow Plug & Control Unit Replacement Kit ***FREE USA SHIPPING***
Rating: 0
Complete replacement kit for all 2002-2006 five cylinder diesels.
1 x Glow Plug Control Unit from Wehrleh, the OEM supplier to Mercedes.
5 x Glow Plugs from Bosch, also an OEM supplier to Mercedes

Free 2 to 3 Day Priority Mail shipping to ANY US Zip Code (Not valid for free shipping outside the USA)

This kit contains the newest (third revision) and most current version of the control unit.  It is smaller than the earlier unit and has automatic circuit breaker type reset, unlike the first units that came with the vehicles, when new.
The original units had internal fusible links that would burn out and the entire unit had to be replaced. 

2002-2006 Sprinter- 5 CYL SET of 5 Glow Plugs ***FREE USA SHIPPING***
Rating: 0
Complete replacement set of all five glow plugs, for all 2002-2006 five cylinder diesels.

5 x Glow Plugs manufactured by Bosch, an OEM supplier to Mercedes.
Includes free Priority Mail 2 to 3 days shipping to ANY USA zip code.

Glow plugs are also available individually and as a complete set WITH the control unit......see below.


Engine Wiring Harness 2002-2003 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0
Electrical wiring harness for the engine.
This is an updated Mercedes harness that replaces the original harness, which has been discontinued.



This harness fits only the 2002-2003 models,

Engine Wiring Harness 2004-2006 ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE***
Rating: 0

This harness ONLY fits the 2004-2006 models

Glow Plug (M10) 2002-2006
Glow Plug (M10) 5 CYL 2002-2006
Rating: 0
5 required for both OM612 and OM647, five cylinder engines.
These are also used in the OM611 four cylinder engine, which was never sold in the USA.

Existing glow plugs in your engine may be made by either Bosch or Beru.  These are Bosch.
Both are original equipment suppliers to Mercedes and are interchangeable with each other, as they are made to the exact same specifications.


Glow Plug Connector (BLACK) 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Snaps over end of glow plug and houses the cylindrical glow plug electrical contact.

Cylindrical electrical contact that sits inside,  is sold separately and is shown below.

Glow Plug Contact 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Metal electrical glow plug contact used in conjunction with the connectors shown below

Glow Plug Control Unit 2002-2006
Glow Plug Control Unit 5 CYL 2002-2006
Rating: 5
aka Pre-glow time relay
This control unit is located under the battery tray. 

This unit is manufactured
in Germany by Wehrleh, the OEM automotive parts supplier to Mercedes.


Ignition Switch 2002-2006
Ignition Switch 2002-2006
Rating: 0
This is the electrical switch portion only (the black section in the photo)

Lock cylinder and key are NOT part of this item. (Only available from a franchise dealer)