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Coolant Circulation Pump 2002-2006
Auxiliary Coolant Water Pump 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Electric water pump in heater circuit
aka:  Auxiliary Water Pump

This is the original Bosch pump, installed by Mercedes at the factory.
It's the identical, German made, Bosch pump as sold at a franchise Dodge, Mercedes Benz or Freightliner dealer for 89% below the Dodge retail price.

 It is NOT one of the cheap Chinese knock-offs which are often found on eBay.

Coolant-Genuine Mercedes
BLUE Coolant/Antifreeze-G48 OEM ZEREX
Rating: 0
Zerex/Valvoline 1 gallon (concentrate) container, to be diluted in equal parts with water, for a 50/50 mixture.
This Mercedes approved OEM G48 formula is HOAT, or Hybrid Organic Acid Technology and meets Mercedes Spec 325.0 (concentrate) and 326.0 (pre-mix)

This is BLUE in color, low acid, low silicate and phosphate-free.  Check the existing color of your coolant.  DO NOT MIX WITH YELLOW COOLANT.
This is the latest formula which replaces both Q1 03 0002 (yellow/gold) and Q 1 03 0004 (blue).
If you have the old fluid (NOT BLUE), it will require a complete drain and flush, as the old fluid Q 1 03 0002, has been discontinued and superseded by this blue fluid. 
Do NOT mix the two different colored fluids together, as they are not compatible.

Zerex from Valvoline is the #1 selling OEM-approved coolant brand. Zerex G48 Antifreeze/Coolant is proven to maximize engine life in cars and light trucks. Its premium formulation is suitable for Mercedes-Benz engines. Specially formulated with NAP-free Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) in an ethylene glycol-base, Zerex is made for your car and protects better than industry standards against corrosion, leaking, deposits as well as freezing and boiling – the four main causes of cooling system failure, which is the leading cause of engine breakdown. Our lower-silicate, reduced pH, phosphate-free formula with Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) protects all cooling system metals (including aluminum) from corrosion. It contains nitrites that protects diesel-engine cylinder liners from cavitation, while deposit control additives guard against hardwater deposits and scale. So radiators, water pumps and other metal cooling system parts stay clean and your antifreeze flows and functions properly. Whether you’re topping off your radiator or doing a complete system flush, trust Zerex G48 Antifreeze/Coolant. Made for your car. Made by Valvoline.


Coolant Hose F 2002-2006
Rating: 0
3 Way Hose assembly

Coolant Hose Kit 2004-2006
Rating: 0
These are all the coolant hoses that go to the radiator or in the immediate area of. This is for 2004-2006 models only.

Coolant Hose-A EGR Valve  2004-2006
Coolant Hose-A EGR Valve 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Goes from side of EGR valve to electric auxiliary coolant pump.
Circulates engine coolant through the EGR valve.

Coolant Hose-B 2002-2006
Coolant Hose-B 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Attaches to electric coolant circulation pump.

Coolant Hose-C 2002-2006
Coolant Hose-C 2002-2006
Rating: 0
C-shaped hose located right in the front of the engine, slightly below the turbo resonator on 2004-2006 models.

Coolant Level Sensor 2002-2006
Coolant Level Sensor 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Located in coolant reservoir on radiator

Coolant Temperature Gauge Sending Unit 2007-2014
Coolant Temperature Sensor 2002 & LATER
Rating: 0
Coolant temperature sending unit manufactured by Hella, an OEM supplier to Mercedes.

Located on the thermostat housing and/or on the intake manifold, depending upon the model year.
90 degree electrical plug connection. Held in place by metal clip.
A new o-ring seal is included.

Coolant Pipe-Flanged 2004-2006
Flanged Coolant Pipe- At Water Pump 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Attaches to flanged end of water pump on 2004-2006 I-5 diesel engines ONLY.
Not for 2002-2003 engines.

Hose Connector 2002-2003 Sprinter
Rating: 0
Connects heater hoses together under intake manifold.

2002-2003 models only.

Hose-Intake Manifold to Aux. Coolant Pump 2002-2003
Rating: 0
Small diameter hose from intake manifold to auxiliary coolant pump

Radiator Hose-Lower 2002-2003 Sprinter
Lower Radiator Hose 2002-2003 Sprinter
Rating: 0
Outlet or Lower hose
Only for 2002-2003 models

Radiator Hose-Lower 2004-2006
Lower Radiator Hose 2004-2006
Rating: 0
Radiator outlet hose, the lower hose elbow
Short two way hose. One end is sightly larger in diameter than the other.


Radiator Hose-Lower Extension Elbow 2002-2006
Lower Radiator Hose Extension Elbow 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Outlet or Lower hose
Two way hose, much smaller diameter on one end than the opposite end.
Attaches to end of coolant pipe on lower radiator hose.
See coolant pipe below....

Lower Radiator Mount 2002-2006
Rating: 0
2 are required and these are sold individually.
Order 2, if replacing both sides.

Radiator fits into one of these rubber mounts on each side.


Coolant Pipe-Metal 2002-2006
Metal Coolant Return Pipe 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Connects to coolant hoses at each end of pipe

Coolant Expansion Tank Cap 2002-2006
Radiator Cap 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Expansion tank is built into the radiator on the T1N Sprinters, as opposed to being a separate unit.
aka radiator cap

Radiator Drain Plug 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Small red plastic plug at bottom of radiator

Radiator-Original Behr 2002-2006
Radiator-MAHLE 2002-2006
Rating: 0
This radiator is manufactured by Mahle, a supplier to Mercedes Benz and many other
European automobile companies.

Radiator-Aftermarket 2002-2006
Radiator-NISSENS 2002-2006
Rating: 0
This radiator is manufactured by Nissens in Denmark.

The quality of this brand is every bit as good as the OEM Behr radiator, and at a great savings, as well.

Thermostat Housing Seal
Thermostat Housing Seal
Rating: 0
From thermostat housing to engine block
For all five cylinder engines

If you are ordering a new thermostat housing, you will not need this gasket.

Thermostat w/Housing & Seal 2002-2006
Thermostat w/Housing & Seal 2002-2006
Rating: 0
OEM 87 degrees Celsius thermostat assembly, with seal and temperature gauge sensor

Thermostat is not removable from housing and must be purchased as a complete assembly.

Transmission Cooler Pipe-Return Line 2002-2006
Transmission Cooler Pipe-Return Line 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Metal pipe linking cooler to flex hose
This is #14 in the Dodge illustrationIt links to part # 13, see below.

Transmission Cooler Pipe-Supply Line 2002-2006
Transmission Cooler Pipe-Supply Line 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Metal pipe linking cooler to flex hose
This is #10 in the Dodge illustration
It links to part # 9, see below.

Upper Radiator Clamp 2002-2006
Rating: 0
2 are required and are sold individually. 
Order 2, if replacing both sides.

These metal clamps cover the upper rubber mount on each side of radiator

See both upper and lower rubber radiator mounts, shown below.

Radiator Hose-Upper 2002-2006
Upper Radiator Hose 2002-2006
Rating: 0
Radiator inlet hose, the upper hose


Upper Radiator Mount 2002-2006
Rating: 0
2 are required and these are sold individually. 
Order 2, if replacing both sides.

This is a rubber mount. located under the clamp on each side of radiator

See clamp and the lower mounts, shown below