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Fuel Filter-Eurovan 1992-2003
Fuel Filter 1992-2005 Eurovan/Rialta
Rating: 0
Fits ALL Eurovans and Rialtas with any of the three version gasoline engines, no exceptions.

Fuel Injector 2001-2003
Fuel Injector 2001-2005
Rating: 0
Includes all 3 seal rings
6 injectors required per engine, sold in increments of 1 each

These are new, original Bosch injectors and are identical to those sold at a VW dealer

Fuel Injector Seal Kit  2001-2003
Fuel Injector Seal Kit 2001-2005
Rating: 0
1 kit per injector
6 kits required per engine

Fuel Pump Relay 1992-2003
Fuel Pump Relay(80) 1992-2005 Eurovan/Rialta
Rating: 5
Number on top of relay is 167

Fuel Pump 1993-2003
Fuel Pump-Mid 1993-2005 Eurovan/Rialta
Rating: 0
From VIN 70 P 030001
From mid 1993 model year to end of production in 2003 (Thru 2005 model for Rialta)

This is a pump made by Pierburg, an OEM supplier to VW

Fuel Tank Cap-Locking 1999-2003
Fuel Tank Cap-Locking 1999-2003
Rating: 0
Locking cap with 2 keys
Later style cap with large, coarse threads.

These are made in Germany by the OEM supplier to VW.

Fuel Tank Cap-Non Locking 1999-2003
Fuel Tank Cap-Non Locking 1999-2003
Rating: 0
Non-locking cap
Later style cap with large, coarse threads

Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Seal 1992-2003
Fuel Tank Level Sending Unit Seal 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Seals tank access port for fuel pump and sending unit (under threaded collar)

Throttle Body/Housing 2001-2003
Throttle Body/Housing 2001-2005
Rating: 0
Only for VR6-24 Valve engine

This item has now been discontinued by Bosch and is no longer available however, we have one unit remaining in stock as of January 2020.

Photo of the product is not accurate (this is a photo of a 1997-2000 or 12 valve unit)
Part supplied will be correct for the 24 valve engine 2001 and later.