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Wheel Cover/Center Cap 1992-2003
Black Wheel Cover/Center Cap 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Black center cover for steel wheels only.
Not for any aluminum alloy wheel.

Also Fits all Rialta 1995-2005 with silver steel wheels

Lug Bolt-Alloy or Steel Wheel 1992-2000
Lug Bolt-Alloy or Steel Wheel 1992-2000
Rating: 0


Wheel Bearing Kit-Rear HD Winnebago Rialta, Vista & Sunstar  1995-2003
Rear Wheel Bearing Kit- HD Winnebago Rialta, Vista & Sunstar 1995-2005
Rating: 5
HD (Heavy Duty Load 2000 Kg/4400 lbs rating) ( COLOR CODE ON THE SEALS IS BLACK)

The heavy duty bearings are dimensionally identical to the standard wheel bearings and can be used in lieu of the standard bearing but, not the other way around.

These are the heavy duty load rear wheel bearing for Winnebago Rialta, Vista & Itasca Sunstar but, may be used in any position for any Eurovan based vehicle.

Wheel Cylinder-Rear 1992-1996
Rear Wheel Cylinder 1992-1996
Rating: 0
Fits left or right rear wheel
Sold in increments of 1

Wheel Bearing-Front or Rear 1992-2003
Wheel Bearing Kit-Front or Rear 1992-2005
Rating: 0
The word KIT means that it also includes the attachment hardware, as shown.
This is the Standard load bearing........ 1200 kg (2640 lb) load rating (COLOR CODE ON THE SEALS IS ORANGE)
Front end of all models, including motor homes...Rialta, Vista, Sunstar, etc (NOT TO BE USED ON THE REAR OF ANY MOTOR HOME)

Rear of all Eurovans and Eurovan Campers
For 2000 kg (4400 lb) rear wheel bearing for motor homes...see below.
1 bearing per wheel

Wheel Cover 1992-1996***N.L.A.***
Wheel Cover 1992-1996***N.L.A.***
Rating: 0
For steel wheel
No longer available as of December 2006, informational only.

Wheel Hub-Front or Rear
Wheel Hub-Front or Rear 1992-2005
Rating: 0
Fits all models built on the Eurvoan chassis
Eurovan, Eurovan Camper, Rialta, Vista, and Sunstar
For both front and rear axle
4 per vehicle