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2002-2006 Sprinter 2500/3500 Front Bosch Brake Kit-15" Wheel
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2002-2006 Sprinter 2500 & 3500 Front Brake Kit-For 16" Wheels (MEYLE PADS) ***FREE USA SHIPPING***

Sprinter 2500 & 3500 originally equipped with 16" wheels (check your tire & wheel size for confirmation)
These are semi-metallic pads which are better at dissapating heat than ceramic pads.
The pads are made by Meyle or another European aftermarket supplier, depending upon what we have in stock.
Measure your rotor diameter, if in doubt, as these rotors are 285mm in diameter.
The rotors in this kit will not fit any Sprinter originally equipped with 15" wheels.  If your vehicle was originall equipped with 15" wheels and you upgraded to 16" wheels, this kit will not fit  The offset for the larger rotors is different than the offset for the smaller front rotors.
In other words......the pads, sensors and front calipers for both 15" and 16" wheel models are all identical.  The rotors however, are different.
Kit includes two rotors, two wear sensors & four brake pads.
2 to 3 Day Shipping to any US Zip Code included! Not valid for shipping outside the USA.

No returns on brake kits. If you are unable to determine if you need new brakes, please consult a mechanic.
Dealer List  $444.20
Europarts Price:
Savings:$254.21 (57%)
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2002-2006 Sprinter

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