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Positive Battery Cable/Harness-220 AMP 2007 & LATER 3.0L V6 Diesel


If you have had continuing sluggish starts and other electrical problems and you are certain that you have a strong alternator, generating an output of 14V,  you may want to look closely at your positive battery cable.   This is often a common area of electrical trouble, especially for internal corrosion.

This is often a common area of electrical trouble and is commonly referred to as the infamous "Y cable" 

The 220 Amp alternators are used on those models with a secondary A/C compressor (Roof-mounted A/C units). 
If in doubt, look at the black plastic backing plate on the alternator.  It will be marked either 180A or 220A.

This is the third revision of this cable/harness by Mercedes.  Both of the previous units have been discontinued, and should no longer be installed.  This cable is the most current revision.906 440 96 37 and 906 440 84 55, are both obsolete
Europarts Price:
Detailed Description
Sprinter II 2007+ 3.0 V6   WITH 220 AMP ALTERNATOR ONLY
Sprinter III 2019+ 3.0L V6  WITH 220 AMP ALTERNATOR ONLY

Fault codes often associated with a faulty cable....
P2526 -002 Boost Pressure Reg short to ground
P2526-001 Signal line shorted to voltage
P2530-002 Intake port EKAS shorted
P2527-002 EGR shorted
P2514-002 Vent heater valve shorted
P2978-002 EGR short to ground
P2376-001 Throttle valve under voltage

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