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Eurovan Dipstick Tube Installation Instructions

All Eurovans built from mid-1995 thru 2003 are equipped with automatic transmission type 01P. This transmission has a short plastic filler tube with a cap and is considered to be unserviceable by the consumer. As equipped from the factory, checking the fluid level on this transmission would normally require the use of a VAG 1551 Scan Tool.

Installing the filler tube and dipstick from the earlier type 098 transmission will allow the monitoring of the fluid level, odor, and color without a VAG Scan Tool. This metal fill tube will replace the existing plastic fill pipe which is standard on the type 01P transmission.

Installing the dipstick tube at the same time that you are performing the normal 40,000 mile transmission filter and fluid service is recommended, but the modification can be performed at any time.

Warm up the engine prior to installation to minimize fluid loss. While some fluid loss can be expected, a liter of fluid could drain if the transmission is cold. Again, the engine should be slightly warm, and not at operating temperature.

  1. File or grind off any burrs remaining around removed mounting bracket. This bracket was removed prior to shipping because it will not fit around the starter motor on the VR6 engine.
  1. File off words DEXRON & ATF from the base of the plastic handle to avoid future service problems and the possibility of introducing the incorrect fluid into your transmission.
  1. Clean area around the existing plastic fill pipe to avoid any foreign material from dropping into the transmission.
  1. Remove plastic fill pipe by prying upward with two small screwdrivers.
  1. Insert the new metal tube into the transmission case and secure the tube using the lower mounting bracket. A new silicone o-ring has been pre-installed on the tube to assure a sealed fit.
  1. Check and top off the fluid level while the fluid is warm. The VW Eurovan factory service manual specifies that it should not be above 86 degrees F (30 degrees C).
  1. Do not use any fluid in this transmission other than OEM equivalent (ESSO LT 71141) to VW part number G 052 162 A2. Do not use Dexron, ATF, Mercon, or Dexron II fluids in the 01P transmission.