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Brake Pad Set-Rear 2001-2003
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Rear Brake Pad Set 1997-2005 Eurovan/Rialta

All Eurovan models from 2000-2005 use the same rear brake pads and rear brake calipers.

The pads are made by Meyle or another European aftermarket supplier (e.g. Mintex , depending upon what we have in stock.
With the current Covid pandemic, we have supply chain shortages on occasion and have to purchase alternative products.

Dealer List  $110.00
Europarts Price:
Savings:$60.12 (55%)
Detailed Description
Eurovan 1997-2003
Rialta, Vista & Sunstar 1997-2005

1997-1999 Eurovan has no brake wear sensors at any wheel.

2000 Eurovan has a brake wear sensor at the left front and right rear wheel only. 

2001-2003 Eurovan has a wear sensor at all four wheels

2000-2005 Rialta, Vista and Sunstar do not use any brake pad wear sensors on the rear wheels. 

You can either remove the sensors, or cut the wire off or simply leave them there.  No harm will come, as they will not be plugged in.

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