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Brake Master Cylinder w/o ABS 1999-2005 Rialta/Vista/Sunstar
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Brake Master Cylinder W/O ABS 1999-2005 Rialta/Vista/Sunstar

This cylinder is made by ATE, the OEM supplier, and is the exact same unit as those sold at a VW dealer.
This master cylinder is new and not remanufactured.
Only for Winnebago Rialta, Vista or Sunstar, all of which do NOT have ABS.

This master cylinder is ONLY for those particular models WITHOUT ABS, and has FOUR threaded hydraulic ports.

Eurovan models WITH ABS, have only TWO threaded ports.

NOT for Eurovan, as all Eurovans after 1996 are all equipped with ABS and have only two threaded ports on the master cylinder.

EPN:  7D0 611 019A
Dealer List  $385.00
Europarts Price:
Savings:$135.09 (35%)
Detailed Description
Winnebago Rialta 1999-2005
Winnebago Vista 2002-2004
Itasca Sunstar 2002-2004

Only for Winnebago RV models, all of which were built without ABS (anti-lock brake system)
Cylinder has 4 threaded output ports

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