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Alternator-220 Amp New 3.0L Diesel 2007-2014_Flat Rate
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Alternator-220 Amp New 3.0L V6 Diesel 2007 & LATER ***FREE USA SHIPPING***

New OEM Valeo 220 Amp
Only for 3.0 V6 diesel, with rear HD A/C (second A/C compressor)
Decoupling pulley is included.
NOTE: These are NOT interchangeable with 180 amp alternator as the ECU on each vehicle is pre-programmed for one of two versions and this cannot be modified.
The 220 Amp alternators are used on those models with a secondary A/C compressor (Roof-mounted A/C units).  If in doubt, look at the black plastic backing plate on the alternator.  It will be marked either 180 or 220.

Free shipping to any US Zip Code. 

This item is shipped  free via USPS Priority Mail, which is 2 days to most areas and 3 days to more distant or rural areas.
If you need a faster shipping option, available at an additional charge, please contact us.

 Discounted shipping to Canada and other countries.
Dealer List:  $1,620.00
Europarts Price:
Savings:  $1,070.09 (66%)
Detailed Description
Sprinter II 2007+ 3.0L V6 Diesel
Sprinter III 2019+ 3.0L V6

This is the identical alternator sold at a franchise dealership. Dodge Code BAJ, Dodge Code HBD
To check the integrity of your alternator pulley, simply remove the belt and place a screwdriver into the front of the alternator cooling fan to stop the armature from rotating.  Then turn the pulley by hand.  If it moves one direction but, not the other, it is functional.  If it will not rotate at all, it has failed.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the earlier model Sprinters, it is not possible to upgrade the 2007 and later NCV3 models to a higher output alternator. The voltage regulator in these units is hard-wired with a Local Interface Network or LIN code in the engine control unit. Therefore, do not attempt to retrofit a 180 Amp unit to a 220 Amp unit or vice versa.

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